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Planning to get custom leather seat covers installed in your car? Consider Clazzio leather car seat covers. Vehicle owners in Seattle, WA who appreciate quality in leather seat covers opt for the Clazzio leather car seat covers.

High-grade materials, exquisite craftsmanship and a well-established brand name make Clazzio leather seat covers a wonderful addition for your ride. You are sure to consider installation of these custom seat covers as money well-spent as

  • Clazzio leather car seat covers Seattle add a soft, luxurious feel to your car’s seats
  • Clazzio leather car seat covers Seattle give the car’s interiors a classy look
  • Clazzio leather car seat covers Seattle ensure full comfort for the car’s occupants
  • Clazzio leather car seat covers Seattle offer you years of excellent service

Come to Ramlyn Engraving and Sign Company, Inc. to get your leather seat covers installed. We are a certified dealer for Clazzio leather car seat covers.

Affordable Leather Seat Covers in the Seattle Area

We have always strived to be known for

  • Top-of-the-line leather seat covers Seattle
  • Seamless installation of leather seat covers
  • Exceptional customer service

That is why we work with Clazzio leather car seat covers and have employed skilled technicians with vast experience in installing custom seat covers. We are very responsive to our customers’ needs for leather seat covers Seattle and meet them in a timely, efficient and friendly manner.

We believe that every car owner has a right to quality leather seat covers Seattle. We help them enjoy these by offering kits for Clazzio leather car seat covers that are priced much lower than the leather seat covers offered by other manufacturers. The leather seat covers Seattle installed by us are also very durable and deliver superb return on investment.

Custom Seat Covers for Seattle Cars

When shopping for leather seat covers, it is always advisable to choose custom seat covers Seattle. Custom seat covers offer an exact fit over your car’s seats, without obstructing the headrest, airbags, seat belts, seat control buttons, etc. Thus,

  • Custom seat covers Seattle don’t disturb the car interiors’ beauty
  • Custom seat covers Seattle don’t hamper the car’s ergonomics
  • Custom seat covers Seattle don’t compromise the car’s security

We install car model specific Clazzio custom seat covers that are designed according to the unique contours of the seats in cars of different makes & models.

Seattle residents can call (206) 701-7751 for more details about the Clazzio leather car seat covers installed by Ramlyn Engraving and Sign Company, Inc.

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Contact Bothell Financial Advisor Randy Busch with Edward Jones at 425-415-1533 or visit his website at  Financial Advisor Bothell.

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Hire Bloggers in Seattle!

Are you looking to hire bloggers in Seattle?

If you are, then there is no better source than iLocal, Inc. iLocal, Inc. is a Puget Sound based online marketing company that provides quality content writers and professional blogging services in Seattle. Having a quality blog can do a lot for your business, including:

  • Let your customers know about new products or services
  • Interact with your customers directly
  • Provides a solid “voice” behind your company
  • Updates your site regularly so search engines will look favorably upon it
  • Shows customers that you are up-to-date with marketing and technology

If you are unfamiliar with blogging, and everything that it can do for your business, click here. Blogging is basically a part of your website that is built around journal-like posts regarding your business. The posts can be about anything you want, but they generally follow a format including informal tone, heavy spacing, and images to make it more visually appealing.

Just like this post, your blog will inform readers about a specific topic relating to the products or services that you offer. More and more companies are jumping on the blogging bandwagon. And the more that do, the more evident it will be that you aren’t, making it that much harder to garner new customer.

Content Writing Company in Seattle

iLocal, Inc. is arguably the best content writing company in Seattle. The owner, Jason Morgan, only hires the best content writers. Each of his writers are passionate, experienced, and dedicated. They make themselves available 24/7 so that any technological issues that arise can be dealt with immediately. This kind of constant service cannot be found elsewhere. iLocal’s content writers also pay close attention to the business that they are writing for. They will keep your target audience in mind while they are writing to make sure the language, format, and read-ability fits the age group of those you want to reach.

Each Seattle business is unique. When an iLocal, Inc. content writer takes on a job they will go the extra mile to make sure the content exceeds your expectations. The content isn’t flat, either! You can keep in communication with your professional content writer to fill them in on any new information, promotions, or specials. This way, your content writer can communicate your news directly with your target audience.

For more information regarding professional blogging services in Seattle, and about iLocal, Inc., visit www.ilocalonline.com or call 206.790.1999.

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Five Tips for Working with a Seattle Content Writer

I have heard numerous times lately how dissatisfied business owners are with their content writers. As a content writer myself, I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out why. I’ve always been reliable, organized, and dedicated to my work. However, many business owners seem to be getting stuck with duds. Writers that don’t turn in their work, are hard to get ahold of, and that don’t respect you or your vision, seem to be sprouting up everywhere. Here are five tips on how to find the good ones, and how to deal with the duds when they come your way.

1. Pay attention to where you hire from. Websites like Craigslist are likely to pull in a lot of responses to your ads, but they are most likely not going to be quality ones. Some professional writers visit these sites, but writers that are established generally find jobs through other means.

2. So, where do you hire from? Ask your friends, colleagues, and fellow business owners who they have hired and whether or not they had a quality experience. You may find the perfect match through word of mouth. If not, you can browse through Seattle content writers online. They often have comparative pricing and a standard that they hold their writers to. Going this route almost guarantees a good relationship with your writer.

3. Once you’ve hired someone, communicate exactly what you are seeking, how much you can pay, and the timeline for when you would like projects completed.

4. Ask your content writer their preferred means of being contacted, and keep an open door policy for communication if a question or concern arises. Chances are your writer has a life, a family, and other clients. However, there should be a mutual understanding that if you need something from them, they should get back to you within a day or two.

5. Fire, fire, and fire again! If you are seeing signs of a dud writer right away-signs like missing deadlines, failure to communicate, and sloppy work, fire them! Do not waste your precious time and resources on a dud writer.

After learning these tips, you will be in a better position to find a quality writer. You deserve the best, your business deserves the best, and there are good writers out there waiting for an opportunity to work hard for you.

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Game-ification and Incentives: Making the Most out of Your Website Experience

Many people begin a business website knowing that they are going to reap benefits from having an online presence. Heightened visibility, better customer service, and 24/7 availability are some of those benefits. However, what most business owners do not usually utilize is the interactive experience that so many potential customers enjoy about being a part of your business.

Websites, blogs, and social networking sites have been offering business owners the opportunity to directly interact with their customers through games, incentives, and giveaways.  Here are four ways you can game-ify and entice your customers:

1. Old fashioned drawings still get many customers excited. You can host a drawing by setting aside a service or an item and having people “draw” for it. They can put their name in by “liking” your page, by following you, or by simply posting a comment on your website. After the drawing period is over you can pull from the list of names using a random generator, or other method, and you have a winner! You may even get a person who has not used your services or experienced your products before. In this situation, you can get new people excited about what you have to offer.

2. If you are creating a new product or service, you can post a photograph of it and have people post ideas for the name. The winner of the “naming” can get one free item. This is a great option for bakeries and restaurants.

3. Offering a promotion that can only be accessed through your website, blog, or social media will give people a reason to click on your site. It will also make them feel like a V.I.P customer who only gets the best treatment.

4. Polls are a great way to see what your customers, and potential customers, are thinking about your product. You can get their direct feedback on what they like, what they don’t like, and things you can change.

Before you can even begin to think of adding games or incentives, you need to make sure you have a clean and functioning website. While games and incentives are fun, you want your customers to take your business seriously in other aspects. After establishing yourself with a professional and user friendly website, games and incentives will add to your overall appeal, and create an interactive aspect to your business that will keep customers coming back for more.


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3 Simple Steps to Making Your Blog or Website a Powerplayer

You’ve started a blog or website. So, now what? Obviously, in the idea stages of starting it, you have dreamed of high traffic, lots of followers, and maybe even some income. It is great to have these dreams, but they don’t come without work.

There are thousands of blogs and websites launched on a daily basis, and without something to set you apart, you will fade into the Internet oblivion.

Here are three ways that you can stay on top of managing your website or blog popularity, making it the success you so desperately want, and deserve!

1. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a technique that you can utilize to gain more traffic to your website or blog. You do this by using specific keywords to land you on the top of search engine results pages. Search engines like Google and Yahoo will place you at the top of their results pages, making you highly visible to those looking for the services you offer. If SEO seems too complicated for you to do on your own, then rest easy. There are companies that help specifically with SEO and other forms of website optimization.

2.Website Design. SEO is a great way to bring new traffic to your website, but that is pointless if you have an unattractive and non-user friendly website. Having great website design will make visitors stick around once they have found you. Colors, theme, and function, are all important qualities when you are thinking about how to design your website. You want to pick something that is in relation to the business or the services you provide. Do you have a cake business? If you do, then choosing a specific color palette can make your customers ready to drool over your baked goods.

3.Social Media. Once you have taken SEO and website design into consideration, and you’ve made your website the very best it can be, you are ready to go out and get people viewing your site. SEO is a great tool, but don’t underestimate the power of social media. Link your website whenever you can-on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other sites.

After using these three techniques, you can watch your website grow steadily and stay competitive. Check back tomorrow to learn some specific ways to improve the design of your website and how doing so may affect the interest of your viewers.

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Micro Blogging

Have you ever used micro blogging?  Micro blogging has less content than traditional blogging.  Micro blogging can include a short blurb of copy and a web media element.  You can use short descriptive copy that introduces a video clip.  Micro blogging is a fast and convenient way to quickly get information to qualified buyers.

Think of how powerful micro blogging can be for you website and business.  You could start a micro blogging campaign for one or more products and services.  A micro blog can contain short messages and small display ads.  You can use your micro blogs to promote upcoming events, micro websites, new products and services.

Micro blogging is a hybrid form of social media.  Facebook and other social media spots have a micro blogging feature.  In social media circles it’s known as a status update.  Keep your micro blogging short, to the point and benefit-rich.  Use it to jet people to landing pages and other places you want them to go.  Make sure the information is useful, fun and profitable!

Clyde McDade is a Website Copywriter who writes websites for iLocal, Inc.
You can learn more about iLocal, Inc. at http://www.ilocalonline.com Visit our blog at http://www.blog.ilocalonline.com
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Like My Fan Page :

March 31, 2011 by +

Great info from a friend who owns Fanstactic.  Check it out.  http://denkwerk.tumblr.com/post/4049511711/facebook-like-implementation-strategies








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It’s not a blog…….

October 10, 2010 by +

If every entry is just cut and pasted from some other online article from another website……  blogging should be a very personal commentary about personal, social or business experiences.  We do our best to reach this objective.   If you are a new blogger and are curious about learning more about this genre then check out this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog .  Blogging can be used as a great reference tool that back links to a highly reliable source like Wikipedia but its not blogging if you just copy and paste other peoples creative ideas from other websites.

I do believe that some articles and quotes are so powerful and worth mentioning that there are times when items should be allowed to just be copy and pasted.  What good is a blog if it doesn’t have its own ideas and thoughts.

iLocal has had our blog strung out in a few different places and although the process was longer than we would like, we have it archiving in a way that is aligned with how we wanted it all along.

iLocal, Inc. provides blog set-up and management services and are always interested in teaching others about the effectiveness of having a blog for small business or non-profit organizations.


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