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As a business owner it is your ultimate responsibility to take care of your customers. As business owners this should be our number one priority. I have very little respect for most corporations because they have more people counting the money than they do people making certain that each customer gets what they ordered and are satisfied with the service they have requested. Microsoft for example is a huge company and one of the wealthiest but have you ever tried to call them? AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Bank of America, Sprint, Team Mobile and Mortgage Companies…….on and on. It just is not right for these companies to treat “consumers” in such a way. A companies success isn’t dependent on how much money they have in the bank. It’s dependent upon the quality of its overall product and service and the feelings it transcribes within each customer. These big company’s have so much money…yet are only concerned about their stock price and earning reports.

The value of a company should also be measured by the level of satisfaction felt by each customer. These companies need to spend way more money on training and infrastructure that makes the customer experience incredible. Imagine the satisfaction of the employee’s if all of the companies customers rate them so poorly. The CEO makes 8 million a year but he slashes all the employee benefits and sales commission structure. In the long run, it is my belief that doing what is best for my customer and employee will lead us to the brightest future.

-iLocal Staff

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Get a website for starters. Consumers will always remember your web address before your phone number. It is amazing to me that in the year 2010 a small business wouldn’t have a website. Unfortunately once you get the site the search engines won’t really promote it because they want to wait and see if you are going to stick around. The longer you wait to get a site the longer it will take for it to start working. You have to pay your dues and get online. There are lots of other ways to promote your business besides free organic placement. I would suggest you get the site started and the other options will then present themselves.

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June 21, 2010 by +

Blogging is something that is good for our business. We use our “blog” as a think tank of sorts to brainstorm about industry options or consumer driven options for our business. Blogging is also another way to communicate with search engines and let them know that our site is open for business and that we are openly active online. In the old days, a business telephone line from the telephone company was a full proof way for the community to know that a business was available for service and they received a free listing in the Yellow Pages in return. Nowadays, as technology has encouraged the advancement of local search, blogs are another dependable way for the local end user to stay connected with local businesses. Search engines are able to tell if the business is still “connected” by the activity they perform through their business website or its many affiliations (blog). As business lines have converted over to cell phones the phone company no longer has a monopoly on local search through the Yellow Pages or its free listings. Businesses lines were a “members only” club and were generally the only sure way to get your business listed for free in a local directory. Which in turn, gave the Phone Companies a free list to call and prospect revenue for their hugely profitable yellow page industry. Blogging in a way, is a hi-tech way to show the world that our business is not disconnected to local search.

If you have a blog for your business be sure to claim it to http://technorati.com/ . The claim process will start once you have verified your code and get a result that looks something like this. GADYR36MCW64 (Verification Code)

-iLocal Staff

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June 17, 2010 by +

Backlinks: What they are and how to get them by Angela V. Edwards

Sometimes called inbound links, backlinks are the lifeblood of Search Engine Positioning. In order for a website to be on the top of search engines like Google without the webmaster having to pay big money for advertising, the website has to have a large number of backlinks. Backlinks are links on one website that lead back to another website. The more established, high quality, and high Page Rank the website that contains the link has, the more power it has to help the linked website with its search engine position. If the website that is getting backlinks gets many High Quality and High Page Rank backlinks, the better the chance it has of being in a high position on the Search Engines.

How does a webmaster go about getting high quality backlinks to his or her website? There are many ways this can be done. Some people advocate writing and submitting articles, posting on forums, making comments on blogs. Others talk about submitting their website to various Internet directories. One directory that has an excellent reputation is called DMOZ, or the “Open Directory”. This directory is probably the most respected directory online today. The websites it contains have all been placed there by human editors; there is no “automation” to this directory. The only drawback that’s been discussed about this directory is that it takes so long to have a website included.

Another way that many people build backlinks for their website is to use Social Bookmarking websites. A “Social Bookmark” is a website that usually has a very popular ‘community’ aspect to it. Users sign up and create profiles on the sites that contain photos and information about themselves. They then can save “bookmarks” of favorite websites which can be itemized by ‘tags’, which are one or two word descriptions of what the sites contain, and these bookmarks can be saved to a list that’s private or can be listed publicly, so that everybody can see it.

With the advent of what is known as Web 2.0, gaining backlinks is easier now than in any time in the history of the internet. Most sites now have an “interactive” quality to them nowadays. Readers can often sign in and create profiles. They then are often allowed to post comments on the stories or articles on the website or blog. In many cases, the website or blog owner responds to these comments; thus making this section of the website or blog a conversation.

Backlinking strategies can be easy and fun and the website owner who is working on getting more backlinks for his website can learn new things, meet new people, and have a tremendous amount of fun doing something that was once a chore: building backlinks.


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Name Dropping

June 15, 2010 by +

As a salesperson, you need to take advantage of every situation possible to book an appointment with a new prospect. Today for example, I set up an appointment with a gentleman who had a business up the road from one of our customers. I mentioned him and shared a funny story I knew about one of their neighbors and this technique helped me to secure the appointment. I have called this customer for 4 months and then I was at our customers business and I realized he was just up the road. As soon as I mentioned that I knew the other business owner and began to build credibility it allowed me to transition into an appointment for a website build. As a salesman….the lessons will never stop presenting themselves as opportunities for growth.

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