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Trying to build a website yourself

In the small business world, trying to build a website yourself can be comprehended in these ways: * Son is building my site * Your wife is building your site * A friend is building my site

Economic Recession

Now is not the time to advertise I don’t agree with this tighness regarding peoples economic perception. We basically are at the peak of advertisers who have declined their presence in Print Media and Yellow Page advertising.

You only live once!

Go For It! People are motivated by two things. 1. Gain Benefit 2. Prevent loss People will work 10 times harder to prevent loss than to gain a benefit. Achieve your goals by extracting your energy in

Jumping Over the Google Sandbox

It’s never easy for newcomers to enter a market and there are barriers of different kinds. For newcomers to the world of search engines, the barrier is called a sandbox – your site stays there until it

Local Radio Station Rankings

Seattle Radio Station Rankings: Who’s on top now Arbitron has a new way of measuring radio-station audiences. Instead of relying on diaries kept by listeners, it issues Portable People Meters (PPMs) that automatically detect radio signals. TOP tool

An iLocal Market Research Tool Spiders don’t read images but they do read their textual descriptions in the tag, so if you have images on your page, fill in the tag with some keywords about them. Also: